• woman walking near kitesurfing spot wearing shorts and impact bra

    Our difference

    Today most of the surfwear that is designed and produced for women favours sexy over comfort. Cuts, shapes and materials do not cater for comfort and movement.

    At nannale’ we are creating a new type of outwear for the conscious watersports lover who wants to be safe, comfortable and eco at the same time. With high impact colours, and soft materials that are kind to the skin, technical and moisture wicking materials that dry super fast, we have found the perfect combination of style and comfort for every woman out there who wants to feel confident and look gorgeous on the water.

  • woman kitesurfing leaning into the water wearing surf gear

    Our mission

    We are on a mission to move female sportswear away from skimpy and cheap to functional, beautiful and conscious. We hope to bring all female athletes on this journey with us, giving us all the confidence, style and comfort we deserve, on the water and after a workout. 

    For wakeboarders, surfers, kiteboarders, kayakers, stand-up paddlers and swimmers who want more, we hope that you choose our products and join our community: nannale’: fit x surf.

  • kitesurfers having fun in the water

    Water x water

    We pledge 1% of our profits to water.org to help communities across the world access clean drinking water. We have chosen to donate through water.org because of their unique and sustainable model which uses affordable micro-financing to give local communities access to the funds they need to make change happen, independently and most importantly in a future proof way. Find out more about it at water.org.