Our story

Today most of the surfwear that is designed and produced for women favours sexy over comfort. Cuts, shapes and materials cater for the younger crowds. 

At nannale’ we are creating a new type of surfwear for the conscious watersports lover who wants to be safe, comfortable and eco at the same time. With high impact colours that are kind to the skin, technical and moisture wicking materials that absorb moist from the skin and dry super fast, we have found the perfect combination of style and comfort for every woman out there who wants to feel confident and look gorgeous on the water.

nannale’ is a play on my daughter’s name Anna and my nickname Ale.  I am an avid kiteboarder, I learnt the sport in my mid 30’s and since then have been building my life around it. My partner and I laugh about how kitesurfing has saved our relationship and helped us build our precious family of four: our extraordinary little girl Anna and our gorgeous Sicilian rescue dog, Mimi’.

Before nannale’ I found it really hard, especially now at the age of 40 and after having had a baby, to find comfortable surf-wear that feels good and fits properly. I ended up wearing my partner’s technical wear, hoodies and shorts because the surf-wear I found on the market was either too tight, too revealing or simply uncomfortable! 

With nannale’ we aim to provide an alternative for ladies like me who care about feeling comfortable and relaxed on the water. Unlike other brands, we focus our efforts on fit , safety first and conscious product development - with designs that keep our bits in place and that are well visible on the water. 

All our products are designed in Milan, where our team of all girl fashion designers operate.

We are on a mission to move female sportswear away from skimpy and cheap to functional, beautiful and conscious. I hope to bring all female athletes on this journey with us, giving us all the confidence, style and comfort we deserve, on the water and after a workout. 

For wakeboarders, surfers, kiteboarders, kayakers, stand-up paddlers and swimmers who want more, we hope that you choose our products and join our community: nannale’: fit x surf.